Time to Shut-Down the FDA?

I find this article to be terribly upsetting . . . the FDA is proposing to “effectively ban” energy drinks.  Say what?! I gotta have my energy drink since I am: a) not a coffee person and b) not a morning person.  So I prefer my morning jolt from an energy drink, why is that a concern of the FDA?

I understand that some folks are abusing energy drinks (by mixing it with alcohol for instance), but some folks abuse all sorts of weird things (aerosol cans for one) but that doesn’t mean they should be banned.  Heck, look at all of the evidence against smoking yet we don’t ban cigarettes.

The article doesn’t even state an instance where someone has died drinking an energy drink yet the good doctor has this to say: “So I say: Bravo! It’s about time that in the quest to make a quick buck, we are finally paying attention to the potentially deadly effects of these so-called ‘energy drinks.'”

Again, this is all based on “potential,” but nothing concrete.  It sounds to me like the doctor has an axe to grind and this article should be in the op-ed section not the health section.  If the FDA does ban energy drinks I think I will sue for caffeine-discrimination–why is caffeine delivered via coffee, soda, tea, etc. legal, but not via energy drinks?

OK, rant over . . . back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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