State Population Growth Over Time

As part of the new Decennial population estimates, the U.S. Census Bureau put together this interactive map that shows the change in population by state for each Census over the past 100 years.  Very cool.

Also, note the dramatic decline the number of states showing growth of over 25 percent between 1910 (where nearly half the country is dark blue) and 2010 (where only 1 state is dark blue).  Expect more of a downshifting in population growth as Demographic Winter continues to set in across the country.

For example, last year the Census reported that Maine lost population for the first time since the 1960s (on a single year basis, not over the decade).  Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if this map in 2020 shows Maine as negative over the decade.  Why?  Because the birth rate is currently not that  much higher than the death rate.  And since Maine is already the oldest state in the union, a rebound in the birth rate is unlikely while at the same time the death rate will continue to rise–unless the older folks move to Florida first in which case it will show up as out-migration.  In the end, it means that Maine will face Demographic Winter before the rest of the country so keep an eye on them to get a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

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