Gov. Lynch Vetoes Right-to-Work Bill

Gov. John Lynch & Dr. Susan Lynch
Creative Commons License photo credit: sskennel

As promised, Gov. Lynch (D) of New Hampshire vetoes Right-to-Work Bill.  Here is an excellent article from the National Review, Work Free or Die, that discusses the political side of the story.

Of course, Gov. Lynch had to justify his veto and did so by saying some goofy things like this:

“New Hampshire has a lower unemployment rate and a stronger economy than most states with so-called right-to-work laws,” Lynch said in a written statement.

And why do you think that is?  New Hampshire also has one of the lowest tax burdens in the country.  Might New Hampshire’s economic performance have more to do with that fact?  This is the very “New Hampshire Advantage” that Gov. Lynch has been trying to undo ever since winning office–including his LLC tax fiasco.  Right-to-Work would strengthen the New Hampshire Advantage, not weaken it.

There is still a good chance that the Legislature will overturn the veto.  First, the Senate already passed this version of the bill by a supermajority.  Second, while the house failed to pass the bill by supermajority, missing the mark by 14 votes . . . however, 31 members were MIA during that vote so only half of them are needed for override.

This is not over folks, stay tuned as the House will likely revote on May 25–only two weeks from today.  If any of my dear readers live in New Hampshire, be sure to call your Representative today and tell him/her to vote for the override.

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