Younger American Generations Beware . . . “Entitlement Slavery” Awaits

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Every American under the age of 40 should shudder at this quote from a Foxnews story–NY Dem Wins Seat in Heavily GOP District:

Hochul’s victory gave a lift to Democrats still reeling from an electoral drubbing last November that cost the party control of the House. It also bolstered their resolve to push back on GOP efforts to cut Medicare and other entitlements — efforts that have drawn support among some tea party members but are widely opposed by independent voters.

“The three reasons a Democrat was elected to Congress in the district were Medicare, Medicare and Medicare,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel, D-N.Y., said in an interview . . .

Hochul said she would work to balance the federal budget but refused to “decimate” Medicare . . .

Her supporters at a union hall in Amherst, outside Buffalo, chanted “Medicare! Medicare!”

Folks, this may make for good politics, but it is an economic impossibility.  This chart from the Heritage Foundation shows that all revenue post-2049 will be consumed by entitlements.  From the chart caption:

If the average historical level of tax revenue is extended, spending on Medicare, Medicaid and the Obamacare subsidy program, and Social Security will consume all revenues by 2049. Because entitlement spending is funded on autopilot, no revenue will be left to pay for other government spending, including constitutional functions such as defense.

If this election becomes a national trend, then folks under the age 40 may be staring a form of indentured servitude right in the face–lets call it “entitlement slavery” . . . brought to you by the ballot box because there are simply more voters over 40 (who also have a higher voter turnout rate) than those under 40.

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