Downsizing the Federal Government

As the federal government nears the interest payment cliff, the only real solution is to downsize the federal government . . . pronto!

Of course, I can hear the complaining already–cut where? Well, turns out The CATO Institute has an entire website dedicated to the downsizing the federal government. And just added to the chopping block is the Department of Labor.

4 thoughts on “Downsizing the Federal Government

  1. Anthony Fernandez says:

    Cut where? Simple. Cut medicare, social security, medicaid, decrease defense spending, cut the department of education, end funding for the interstate highways, sell them off to private companies, etc. Anything that the government is spending money on is frivolous. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anthony . . . well I wouldn’t call government spending “frivolous” as much as I would call the vast majority of it unconstitutional.  I think that if we are to have social security, medicare/medicaid, etc. then, like the income tax, we should have had a Constitutional Amendment.  The extra hoops to getting an amendment passed is designed such that we have the necessary debate on the proposed changes before we enact something that ultimately bankrupts the entire country.

    • Anthony Fernandez says:

      Oh, it is unconstitutional, but it is definitely frivolous as well. It doesn’t do what it was meant to do. Welfare did not solve poverty and had lead to the disintegration of the family. Social security is set to go bankrupt. It’s completely frivolous. It is devoid of good intentions.

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