Google, the Free Market and Doing the Right Thing . . . Oh My!

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If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed some recent changes to Wealth Alchemy. More specifically, I’ve reworked the Google Adsense Ads–hey, I’m a free-market economist so I’m letting the market work, sue me 🙂

At any rate, in the course of adding the ads, one must agree to Google’s “Terms and Conditions.” As I was reading through the document (we all read the fine-print right?), I was particularly drawn to this clause:

(v) display any Ad(s), Link(s), or Referral Button(s) on any Web page or any Web site that contains any pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content;

Well, I thought, why would they purposely exclude a major part of the internet–especially pornography?  After all, Google is just out to make a buck, right?  Or, could it be that “doing the right thing” also makes good business sense?

Many anti-free market folks would have you believe that the invisible hand is actually attached to Satan who seeks to reek havoc on the world through greed.  Of course, in reality the free-market is merely a construct that can be used for either good or evil.

As such, it becomes an empirical question as to whether or not the free-market produces more evil or more good outcomes.  So, when I see such contractual wording as in the Google Adsense contract, I’m heartened by the fact that “doing good” goes hand-in-hand with “doing good business.”

Yet, in stark contrast, the death toll brought to you by anti-market ideologues is now estimated at over 94 million.

3 thoughts on “Google, the Free Market and Doing the Right Thing . . . Oh My!

  1. Anthony Fernandez says:

    I hope the ads work for you. If you’re really concerned about revenue, have you ever heard of a StumbleUpon ring? It’s where bloggers basically like each other’s posts on StumbleUpon to drive traffic from that program to their blogs. I’ve already liked this post for you, as an example.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anthony, thanks for the like.  I’m assuming you used the stumbleupon icon in the addthis share button?  Frankly, I’m still learning all the ins-and-outs of blog marketing.  I’ve read much about stumbleupon, but have not looked into it.  I’m glad to see you find the blog worth coming back to 🙂

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