Taxpayers on the Hook for Unfunded Public Pensions Liabilities

Joshua D. Rauh just announced on his blog about a new study that he just released, with Robert Novy-Marx, that estimates state and local pension contributions need to increase by a factor of 2.5 to reach solvency in 30 years.  That amounts to a tax increase of $1,398 per household, per year!

The study is titled “The Revenue Demands of Public Employee Pension Promises.” (pdf)  Here is the abstract:

We calculate the increases in state and local revenues required to achieve full funding of state and local pension systems in the U.S. over the next 30 years. Without policy changes, contributions to these systems would have to immediately increase by a factor of 2.5, reaching 14.2% of the total own-revenue generated by state and local governments (taxes, fees and charges). This represents a tax increase of $1,398 per U.S. household per year, above and beyond revenue generated by expected economic growth. In thirteen states the necessary increases are more than $1,500 per household per year, and in five states they are more than $2,000 per household per year. Shifting all new employees onto defined contribution plans and Social Security still leaves required increases at an average of $1,223 per household. Even with a hard freeze of all benefits at today’s levels, contributions still have to rise by more than $800 per U.S. household to achieve full funding in 30 years. Accounting for endogenous shifts in the tax base in response to tax increases or spending cuts increases the dispersion in required incremental contributions among states.

The chart below is taken from Table 5 of their study on page 40 which ranks the states (from highest to lowest) in terms of the size of the necessary tax hike, per year, to achieve solvency of the state’s public pension system.  As you can see, New Jersey ranks top in the country at $2,475 while Indiana comes in last at $329.

Estimated Annual Tax Increase Required to Bring State and Local Pensions into Solvency by State_Wealth Alchemy

2 thoughts on “Taxpayers on the Hook for Unfunded Public Pensions Liabilities

  1. Rose says:

    I’m so tired of this. Food and gas costs go up. Our wages either are eliminated entirely or stay the same (if we are lucky)…I’m a single parent. You take that kind of money from me on to of what you already steal and then squander on your vacation houses, and expensive lunches and I’ll be back on welfare. Which I’m sure you’ll cut too. Fuck you. Class warfare? No. War against slavery and unethical business conduct… Tell me that my money can only go back into your pockets? And my wages can only come from you because you bought up all the natural resources and even the non natural ones so I have no opportunity for individual growth without participating in your corporate endeavors. Clever trick. This seems a lot like the old coal mines in that sense…Hmmm.

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