The Folks at Accuweather Agree with My Assessment on Natural Gas

Watch this video “Current La Nina Means Significant Economic Implications” (link will take you to video).  In a nutshell, colder weather requires more energy to heat that warm weather requires to cool.  However, as Joe Bastardi explains in the video, the world is going into a long-term cooling cycle as the oceans of the world go into their cold period.  The fuel of choice to warm our homes, according to the video, is natural gas.

Winter Forecast for 2010 and 2011 last week released Joe Bastardi’s winter forecast for 2010 and 2011 (link leads to a video).  The modeler in me finds weather forecasting to be fascinating because in what other predictive science can one get such immediate feedback?  Right or wrong, you’ll soon find out.

I have also grown fond of Joe Bastardi’s work.  He is a global-warming sceptic, but he does so with solid empirical evidence–such as his “Monday Morning Sea Ice Report.”  In contrast, the other side rely on models to predict global-warming.

What does global-warming have to do with Wealth Alchemy?  Plenty, because many Wealth Alchemists would love to see schemes such as “cap-and-trade” become law.  Cap-and-trade would not only destroy wealth on a massive scale (by imposing obsolesce on older technology based on politics not economics), but would also impose a permanent handicap to future wealth creation.  It would, in essence, institutionalize rent-seeking on a vast scale as special-interests jockey for prime real-estate under the new rules.

At any rate, you can view Joe’s free U.S. videos here and his free European blog here.  All else you have to subscribe to . . . which is another reason to like Joe, his forecasts have to pass a market test.  The other side, not so much.

Update: Joe Bastardi’s latest Monday Morning Sea Ice Report can be found here (link leads to a video).