Why the Globe Will (Is) Cool(ing), or Will Appear To

Joe Bastardi explains the cyclical nature of global warming/cooling in this video (link opens video).  What I find fascinating is how global forecasters are splicing data from the pre- and post-satellite era (1979).  Anyone who works with data knows that splicing data created from two different methodologies is a very perilous exercise.  In this case, who with a straight face could believe that comparing pre-1979 land-based observations with post-1979 satellite observations is ever a good idea.  Yet, it apparently goes on all the time with nary a whimper of protest.  Such is the state of “global warming” science.

I think I will continue to worry about the next ice age instead . . . at least we know that has actually happened (several times) in the past.  Heck, where my home now stands was once under a glacial lake only a few thousand years ago.  Maybe a little global warming is not such a bad idea 🙂