Archival IRS Data

OK, I admit it, you probably have to be a serious policy wonk like myself to get a thrill out having access to archival IRS data.  Yet, the Statistics of Income Division (SOI) of the IRS, which collects statistical information on U.S. taxpayers, has made available to the general public digitized copies of their archives.

Where else are you going to find that Uncle Sam collected $90.47 in New Hampshire from the 3 percent tax on Paperboard (pg. 29) in FY 1863? (Note, the pdf is around 45 megs so dial-ups beware)

And it’s strange for me to see values expressed in dollars and cents.  In current SOI publications, the data is rounded to the nearest thousand . . . in the near future, if the printing presses keep running, they will be rounding to the nearest billion.