Wealth Alchemists Say “Showing the Rich We Can Do What We Want”

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This news/video story, “Showing the Rich We Can Do What We Want” from the BBC is very disturbing from a number of angles (click link to watch the video).

  • First, we have two British girls who obviously lack any moral restraint from destroying other people’s property.
  • Second, they equate all businesses with “the rich” when most of the buildings being burned in the video are likely small mom-and-pop businesses.
  • Finally, “we can do what we want” is hardly a prescription for keeping an advanced country in first-world status–or simply keeping food on the table.
  • Did I miss anything?
From the story:

Two girls who took part in Monday night’s riots in Croydon have boasted that they were showing police and “the rich” that “we can do what we want”.

The pair who were drinking wine looted from a local shop at 09:30 BST on Tuesday morning, spoke to the BBC’s Leana Hosea.

Croydon was one of several areas plagued by unrest on Monday night, on a third night of riots in the capital.

There were also violent scenes in several other English cities.

Economist Walter Williams and His New Book

George Mason University economist Walter Williams recently released his new autobiography, Up From the Projects.  This sure does bring back memories for me.  In fact, I would have never gone to graduate school at GMU were it not for Walter Williams.  I heard him on the radio subbing for Rush Limbaugh one day and that’s when I decided that GMU was for me.  It was the only school I even applied to.

Naturally, I made sure I took his micro course right out of the gate my very semester.  Not only was his class awesome, but, more importantly, I also met my future wife for the first time in his class.  She has a funny story about that . . . but you’ll have to ask her to get it 🙂

Hat tip to Coordination Problem

The FDA and the Regulatory State

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As Crocker over at Behind Blue Lines has blogged, the regulatory state has gotten out of hand.  Now the Food and Drug Administration is proposing to go after artisan cheesemakers who use raw milk.  More specifically, they want to extend the 60 day aging period in order to kill more harmful bacteria.  Gee, when is this quest to make the world 100 percent safe going to end?  What’s worse, the consumer will lose as well by having fewer cheeses available to choose from.  I love cheese . . . me thinks I will take my chances 🙂